10 Fundamentals of Creative Strategy on YouTube

The new CANnual Report is out and this year’s focus is on content marketing. In his article “From Brands to Opinion Leaders”, András Bodrogi, certified YouTube expert covers a topic, among many others, that may sound simple but it is not: it tells you how to create a successful content strategy on YouTube that helps build your brand.

According to Bodrogi, brands can learn a lot from the experiences of YouTubers in terms of authentic communication by relevant and original content. However, in the last couple of years, a number of new methods that are based on audiovisual content specifically were introduced within the field of content marketing. His article presents these fundamentals, based on suggestions of the YouTube Creators Academy.

  1. The impact of virality is powerful and new viewers discover video content this way the most often. But make no mistake: it is the result of deliberate and creative planning, and these projects are usually supported by paid media appearances. During the planning, ask yourself what will make future viewers share your video. Is it related to an event? Does it target the viewers’ emotions? Or is it just crazy funny?
  1. Promoting dialogue among your viewers is also a crucial task. You have to lay the foundation of the community and consider why your subscribers follow your channel. Do you have your own language, style or are there any rituals that might strengthen the community? The moderation of comments, Q&A videos, content created by your community or a personal meetup all contribute well to two-way communications.
  1. Boosting interactivity can lead to the engagement of viewers and the enhancement of viewer experience. By drawing the audience into storytelling and using clickable navigation tools (e.g. cards and end screens), you can entertain your viewers with appealing experiences.


  1. Loyal viewers like stability in creative formats, but the consistent use of brand image elements also has a positive effect (e.g. the usual intro, end screen and branded unique thumbnails). The familiar tone, the predictable programming as well as the consistent planning and realization of the date and upload of publications pay off, too.
  1. Precise targeting is indispensable. Locating and knowing your target audience gives a hand with developing creative formats. Do you have a broad audience, spanning across multiple age groups or a smaller “niche” community? What do they like? What interests do they have? This data can form the basis in determining the so-called micro-moments relevant for the brand – the moments where the interests and desires of the target audience meet the objectives of the brand.
  1. Achieving sustainability is a key part of long-term success: you should be able to maintain your audience’s interest over time. Produce your series by using some of these tricks: think of something, that is less time- and labour-intensive, record videos in batch to optimize resources, and plan ahead with a new idea once your current series finished.
  1. The discoverability of videos is crucial as YouTube is a frequently used search engine, so providing optimal metadata is essential. You should use brand-related search words in the title and description of the video, or another successful approach can be if you create content based on prominent search trends. You can also create content that will stand the test of time, like how-to videos.


  1. Making all your videos accessible helps you keep new viewers and make them watch as many videos as possible in a given watch session. It is essential to create click-through options between videos, especially when it comes to video series, in case viewers find just one episode. You have to direct your viewers consistently in a given context.
  1. Collaborations with other relevant opinion leaders relevant for the brand can also bring new viewers and subscribers. But watch out that you cannot damage the authenticity of influencers: you have to be careful with the relationship that took many years to establish. Brands should not misuse it, but should rather give room and inspiration to the experience and ideas of the given creative video maker. They should decide how a product or service can appear in the collaboration.
  1. Working from true Inspiration serves as a base for authentic and passionate content on your channel and to build your fanbase. Strive to make something that is true to brand, and find talented people who are inspired by the channel’s mission.


If you want to learn more about YouTube strategy and influencer marketing, download the latest CANnual Report from here!



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