weCAN Digest January 2018

Media monitoring of the latest news about the media and advertising markets of Central and Eastern Europe
Poland's ad market seen as growing by 4% in 2018
Poland's advertising market is expected to grow by ca. 4% in 2018 vs. the expected 1.5% in 2017, Haitong Bank analysts said in a press statement.
Jan 4
Latvia Expels Another Russian Journalist, Citing Threat To National Security
A Russian journalist says authorities in Latvia have given her 24 hours to leave the country, accusing her of being a threat to national security.
Jan 5
Slovakia may tax Google and Facebook
Slovakia may be among the first countries to tax IT giants like Google and Facebook. Currently, they receive millions of euros via advertising in Slovakia, but pay much less in taxes. Finance Minister Peter Kažimír (Smer) considers this situation unacceptable and wants to solve it as soon as possible. Facebook and Google receive as much as €80 million in total, which “leave Slovakia without leaving a single cent in Slovakia”, the minister said, as reported by the Hospodárske Noviny daily.
Jan 9
Poland annuls 1.5 mln zloty fine on TVN24 over coverage of protests in parliament
Poland’s media regulator has annulled a 1.5 million zloty fine it slapped on leading news broadcaster TVN24 last month over its coverage of protests in parliament in 2016.
Jan 10
Publishers urge EC to probe Bulgaria's media market
The Union of Publishers in Bulgaria (UPB) on Wednesday called on the European Commission to launch an investigation into concentration and competition on Bulgaria's media market
Jan 10
Russia Warns of Additional Penalties for US Media
Russia’s government is threatening additional penalties against U.S. media operating in Russia. The threat is the latest in a back and forth dispute between Washington and Moscow over the treatment of media outlets operating in each other’s countries.
Jan 11
Ukrainian advertising market expected to grow in 2018
Continuing the recovery that began in 2016, the Ukrainian advertising market showed growth in 2017 and is predicted to strengthen this year. According to the latest report by All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition, advertisers spent $578 million (Hr 16.2 billion) in 2017, compared to $427 million (Hr 11.6 billion) the year before.
Jan 12
Amid media takeover, Hungary’s largest TV station proves ‘tough nut’ to crack
Foreign ownership no guarantee of protection for RTL Klub
Jan 15
Facebook broadens scope of investigation into possible Russian Brexit propaganda
Facebook is allocating additional resources to an investigation into whether the UK’s vote to leave the European Union might have been influenced by Russian propaganda propagated by the social network.
Jan 18
Head of Russian media outlet RT says U.S. foreign agent order hurts
The head of Russian television channel RT, which U.S. intelligence agencies allege took part in the campaign to influence last year's presidential election, says that having to register as a foreign agent in the United States is already hurting the Kremlin-funded outlet.
Jan 22
Czech ad revenues seen around 10% higher in 2017
Advertising revenues in the Czech Republic climbed by around 10 percent to around 150 billion crowns, according to the Association of Communications Agencies on Thursday.
Jan 25
#czech republik
European press freedom centre calls for fair distribution of EU funds to media in Bulgaria
“Bulgaria wants to prepare the ground for Western Balkan countries to join the European Union. This is an honorable task implying that Bulgaria is a role model for practice, an orientation for other countries to follow. This certainly also applies to the field of media freedom and media policy,” the centre said.
Jan 26
Facebook Says ‘Insignificant’ Overlap Between Russia Ads, Trump
Facebook Inc. told a Senate panel that it has detected “only what appears to be insignificant overlap” between targeting of ads and content promoted by a pro-Kremlin Russia group and by the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.
Jan 26
Opus Global expands ad sales opportunities
Rapidly expanding listed holding company Opus Global announced that its online ad seller Printimus has formed a strategic partnership with television ad agency Atmedia, in which it also holds a stake. The move would create the 4th to 5th biggest player on Hungaryʼs online ad market.
Jan 29
Stricter liquor rules give Lithuanians a severe hangover
Lithuania's new liquor law has increased the legal drinking age from 18 to 20, banned alcohol advertising, and drastically curtailed opening hours for liquor stores. The law, in effect since Jan. 1, has stirred major controversy in this Baltic nation of 2.9 million people.
Jan 29
Photo by Raphael Ferraz on Unsplash