Online Swallows Up Print

Excerpt from the CANnual Report 2017

In 2016, the advertising market processes observed in 2015 continued in Central and Eastern Europe. The TV ad spending is holding up at a regional level (even though it decreased slightly – by 1% – compared to 2015), the digital sector is increasing in line with Western trends and print keeps on declining steadily. OOH has been the same for three years and when it comes to radio advertising spending, there is no sign of significant change since 2015 either.

The growth of digital ad spending is roughly proportional to the decrease of print ads, which suggests that advertisers spend an increasing amount of their budget previously allocated to print on online tools. This trend has accelerated in the last three years. While digital spending overtook print by only 4% in 2014, the gap has widened by 2016 as there is a 17% difference between the 2 media types within the advertising pie.

Taking a look at the average distribution of ad spending in the region, it can be concluded that in Central and Eastern Europe nearly half of the advertising budget is still spent on TVCs, about one third is used for digital advertising and the remaining 25% is left for print, OOH and radio. The decrease in print spending is happening at such a scale that its slice of the advertising budget can shrink to that of the OOH in the years to come.


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