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CANnual Report 2015 is the first extensive analysis that has been published about the advertising industry and media market of Central and Eastern Europe. The 200-page publication aims at presenting the regional communications field to an international audience that has less information about the marketers operating in former Socialist states than about those in the western half of Europe.

The editors of the report invited 12 experts from all around the region to present the most significant features of their respective markets, including latest trends and specific data. Many authors also give a brief overview of the history of local ad scenes from 1989 to the present day.

The 2015 edition introduced the so-called weCAN Ranking, an indicator that reveals whether the advertising market as an economic sector is stronger or weaker than what the overall economic performance of a country suggests. The evolution of the Ranking can be checked in the CANnual Report 2016 and 2017.

Editors made every effort to ensure that all data in the report is correct but assume no responsibility with respect to them. All data in the report are free to be cited, copied and distributed, referencing both CANnual Report 2015 and the original source.


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