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CANnual Report 2016 gives a comprehensive overview of the advertising, media and social media market of 14 countries in Central and Easter Europe. The publication features 28 articles written by local experts, nearly 3,000 pieces of data and 130 photos taken by the region’s Instagram users.

The articles deal with recent changes of the local media and advertising industry and the updated weCAN Ranking shows how individual markets developed in one year, compared to other countries in the ‘New East’.

CANnual Report 2016 focuses on social media trends. Each country-chapter features an article that presents the most popular social media channels and their characteristics, and provide readers with useful insights for planning successful social media campaigns in the CEE markets.

Editors made every effort to ensure that all data in the report is correct but assume no responsibility with respect to them. All data in the report are free to be cited, copied and distributed, referencing both CANnual Report 2016 and the original source.


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