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CANnual Report 2017 is centered around CONTENT (in capital letters) and content marketing. weCAN experts analyze the latest trends of the CEE region and address topics in details like the spreading of online videos, the relationship of social media and politics, and networks specialized in influencer marketing.

Each country-chapter includes an article of a local content marketing expert and, following the tradition of the last years, an overview of the latest trends and major economic and legal changes that affect the media landscape and the advertising industry. Thanks to the 2017 weCAN Ranking, you can get an even more comprehensive view of the region examining the level of development of the local media and advertising markets.

320 pages, created by 50 media and advertising professionals and 12 influencers from all over Center and Eastern Europe – that is CANnual Report 2017.

Editors made every effort to ensure that all data in the report is correct but do not take responsibility for them. All data in the Report is free to be cited, copied and distributed, indicating the CANnual Report 2017 and the original source as well.


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