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CANnual Report 2018 is a thorough overview of the CEE region’s media environment. Just like in the previous years, local media experts analyze the economic and political context of local media markets and introduce the main developments in the field of digital, TV, print, radio and OOH in each of the region’s 15 countries.

While country chapters give readers the opportunity to dive deep into individual markets, the so-called weCAN Ranking and the opening chapter of the report – that sums up the most important figures – give a quick overview of the complex regional landscape.

This year’s topic in focus is the coexistence of television and online videos that raises new questions and indicates new solutions, models, content, genres and players. As anywhere else in the world, we can observe this trend in Central and Eastern Europe as well, and the CANnual Report 2018 reveals the main aspects of this transformation throughout the region.

Do television and online videos take genres and players from each other? Are TV celebrities becoming online influencers or is this happening the other way round? Does the rising of online video viewing threaten the reach of television? In short: Does video kill the TV (Star)? Check out the report for the answers.

Editors made every effort to ensure that all data in the report is correct but do not take responsibility for them. All data in the Report is free to be cited, copied and distributed, indicating the CANnual Report 2018 and the original source as well.


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