Waiting for DOOH

Digital is a buzzword in OOH and is tantalizing Eastern markets, but it faces many challenges in the region. Even in the West, the entry cost of digital billboards is high, so it comes as no surprise that the digital OOH boom is still pending in an economically less developed region.

by Dóra Pethő
Café Communications
Fortune Favours the Bold

What is the purpose of Stories. and how is it integrated into Café Communications? These are some of the topics we discussed with Digital Business Director Gábor Varga and Creative Group Head Dániel Csirke.

by Dóra Pethő

From Brands to Opinion Leaders

In the early 80’s, music videos made radio stars tumble from the throne. Two and a half decades later, online video sharing services plotted against the life of music TV channels.