Water as Pure as Love

The most beautiful, tense and heartwarming campaign in Croatia

The ad agency Imago recently launched an innovative and interactive campaign for Jana called Water as Pure as Love. The ad campaign focused on the topic of love and gave people the chance to really get a feel for the brand by taking part in one of Europe’s most beautiful love stories. The tale was that of Malena, a female stork with a broken wing, who awaits her mate Klepetan as he embarks on the 14,000 kilometer seasonal flight back from Africa -- just as he has done for the last 14 years. A camera was placed next to Malena’s nest in the small Croatian village of Brodski Varoš and connected to a 24/7 live stream, giving people the opportunity to join Malena in real-time as she eagerly waits for Klepetan. The stream allowed participants to see and become a part of the love story themselves, all while generating love messages to share with their friends through social networks.

More than 75% of the total Croatian population was reached by the campaign! Overall viewership of the stream totaled five million minutes, with the average visitor watching for 12 minutes and 17 seconds. Facebook posts relating to the campaign reached 3.6 million people in the region. The posts, of which 50% were entirely organic, accumulated more than 80,000 likes. In addition to advertising, the campaign itself raised over €405,000 worth of free PR on the web, print, and TV. Malena and Klepetan’s story became a trending topic on all relevant media in the country and region, and the topic became commonplace in everyday chit-chat.

“What looks like a simple live stream of a nest is actually a huge and totally unpredictable campaign backed by several months of preparation and more than thirty people who were constantly involved in the project. It involved everything from the many permits, technical requirements of a 24/7 live stream from a small village, unforeseen situations such as bad weather, etc. […] to the around-the-clock efforts made to ensure that everything works 100%, so that the adventures from a small roof in anticipation of Klepetan’s return could be followed by thousands of people in different places at the same time. Just imagine how much courage you must have when launching a new edition of a product of a great brand such as Jana water, with which you talk about love, and have it all depend on the return of one stork, which has to travel 14,000 kilometers to get back to its nest where everyone is waiting for it. Only someone who really believes in love could engage in this kind of adventure […] and they also must do their work out of love. In less than a month this project has generated tens of thousands of positive messages and started a whole avalanche of positive emotions,” said Darko Bosnar, Director of Art and Innovation at Imago.