Introducing our Partners – Ascanius Media (BiH)

weCAN is an affiliate network that was founded by strong and successful independent agencies of Central and Eastern Europe in 2010. We are featuring our partners on our blog, this time let our friends at Ascanius Media in Bosnia & Herzegovina introduce themselves!

Ascanius Media Sarajevo provides a full range of services in the world of communications since 2003.

We have become one of the leading agencies in the BH market.

From our beginnings, we have built our business around the quality and variety of services we provide to our clients.

Today, 18 years later, we can proudly say that we have kept our postulates, applying them daily and adapting them to the contemporary moment.

Our team of highly experienced and educated professionals can handle the communication & media business of our international and local clients. With our continuous investments into employees and specialized tools and software, and with the support of our regional network, we offer innovative and original solutions for the needs of our client’s communication strategies, which make their products and services more successful in today’s world.


Both locally and through our strong regional network, we were the initiator of the launch of the TGI project, unique international research in Bosnia & Herzegovina. With this, we wanted to offer our Clients more – unparalleled consumer understandings for the sake of better marketing and media strategies.

We also launched another unique project – Internet Banner Monitoring, a real-time system about web advertising activities in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

We would especially like to point out – MediaLIGHTHOUSE media.advertising.suite. Powerful, Intuitive, and Easy To Use software package. Which covers all aspects of all-media planning and buying. With this software, we can proudly stand in rank with the world’s largest advertising agencies. This software covers all needed areas of media advertising. It helps us to make better media buying decisions. To optimize the Client’s ROI by generating reach & frequency results and exploring how different plans deliver various target audiences.


Our mission is to use our knowledge and experience to help our clients grow, step boldly into the future, and be directly involved in future advertising flows.

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