CANnual Report 2020

Awareness on social and environmental issues is on the rise, and this puts and increasing amount of pressure on companies, who are expected to give answers to contemporary problems. In this year’s publication weCAN experts share how businesses in the CEE region react in the field of CSR, and how agencies can shape communication on sustainability.

Beside the extensive summary on how each CEE media market performed in the past year, we also included a special section about the recent impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the advertising sector.

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CSR in the CEE region

weCAN experts show how businesses incorporate the modern concept of CSR into their activity, and whether the historical difference from the West also means a different approach in social responsibility. In each country chapter we also include a case study of an outstanding awareness campaign.

Special section about Covid-19

Though the publication provides an extensive market analysis of 2019, and the corona virus appeared after this period, we included a market overview on the March-May period of 2020 in each country chapter and a summary of effects of the lockdown on the regional advertising market.

Guest authors

Our guest authors Eszter Gyapay, Client Director of Kantar and Marija Tomac, Head of Communications and Storytelling at Greenpeace CEE give a unique insight on social and environmental awareness, and how this translates to consumer attitudes and contemporary company efforts.

Media and advertising trends
in CEE in 2020

We not only show you, how local markets perform individually, but we give our readers a comprehensive overview of the regional advertising market. Besides highlighting the major trends and comparing them with Western tendencies we shed light on the most peculiar phenomena in the CEE region each year.

Country chapters

The CANnual Report the market analysis of 15 countries written by local media and advertising experts. Each year, these chapters include an article about the local market with the recent changes of the media and advertising industry, another article featuring the main topic of the given year, and graphs showing the most important data from each country’s media market.

weCAN ranking

Thanks to the weCAN Ranking, you can get an even more comprehensive view of the region examining the level of development of the local media and advertising markets. The weCAN Ranking percentage figures show how the ad markets of the diversely-sized countries with otherwise hardly comparable economic performance – compared to each other in the CEE region.

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Editors made every effort to ensure that all data in the report is correct but do not take responsibility for them. All data in the Report is free to be cited, copied and distributed, indicating the CANnual Report and the original source as well.