CANnual Report 2022

CANnual Report is the annual publication of weCAN, which includes the most comprehensive data and consumer trends of the advertising markets of the CEE region. It reveals how each country’s political, economic and social processes affect the local advertising industry, examines the sector in the light of diverse financial data, and introduce key marketers.

The CANnual Report 2022 follows a slightly different editorial concept than before. Since 2016, the publication featured one central topic which all creative agencies wrote about. This year however, weCAN experts write about twelve of the hottest topics in communication across the region. Five of the most influential consumer trends are also featured in the country chapters along with the articles about TikTok, e-commerce, Gen Z – and the war-torn Ukrainian market.

Media and advertising trends in CEE

In our regional summary chapter, we show you how the CEE ad market performed over the last year, highlighting the biggest changes in each segment (TV, digital, print, OOH and radio). In this chapter we also gather the most prominent post-COVID trends from the region, which not only shape advertising and consumption, but other areas of life.

weCAN Ranking

Thanks to the weCAN Ranking, you can get an even more comprehensive view of the region examining the level of development of the local media and advertising markets. The weCAN Ranking percentage figures show how the ad markets of the diversely-sized countries with otherwise hardly comparable economic performance – compared to each other in the CEE region.

Guest author

Our guest author is Dr. Árpád Rab, digital culture expert and futurologist, who gives an overview of how technological advancements changed all aspects of our lives, and what further part digitalization plays in this. He lists the most important trends in the field of digital services, which will shape the decade ahead of us.

Unique topics and consumer trends

Beside the variety of the hottest topics in our industry, our experts created country-specific lists of the 5 most important consumer trends. These trends span from actions supporting sustainability and post-COVID work arrangements to even changing attitudes in marriages.

Country chapters

The CANnual Report the market analysis of 14 countries written by local media and advertising experts. Each year, these chapters include an article about the local market with the recent changes of the media and advertising industry, and this year, instead of one central theme, we have many: he country chapters feature an overview of the hottest topics in marketing and communication.

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