Christmas campaigns – 2020

We would love to share some holiday spirit, so we collected Christmas campaigns from the weCAN network. Happy holidays!

Comtech_CAN, Czech Republich

Red Cross

Every day, 2,000 voluntary blood donors are needed to help health professionals fight for survival. The declining trend in the number of non-contributory donors and their growing age is thus something that makes our blood run cold. Because helping is in our blood, we could not accept the long-term lack of “red”.

In addition, the request for donation became all the more urgent during the Covid-19 era, as anti-pandemic measures led to a decline in regular donations and hospitals began to run out of blood units. It is necessary to replenish blood supplies regularly, as they will stay fresh for only 42 days.

Therefore, we created a “recruitment” spot for the Czech Red Cross in order to get a helping hand from first-time donors and potential regular donors. Literally. The collection itself takes place thanks to the human arm.

That’s why we came up with the story of human arms, which are involved in a lot of bad things, but they can also do noble things – such as donating blood.

A creative concept depicting only arms is not just a visually distinctive element. The spots were made in the first wave of the pandemic, when filming was accompanied by a number of government restrictions – such as mandatory facemasks for actors. Our acting hands didn’t need them.

The film tells several micro-stories, with each scene becoming darker and more complex… from the sensory delight of touching trees or eating chips, to the desperation of slicing through one’s vein with a razor blade or slamming a fist into a mirror. It is a compelling study of the good and evil that our arm enables. But its meaning depends only on you. As well as deciding whether to donate blood or not.


01MarketingHouse, Slovakia

OTP Banka

“Electric Christmas” is a holiday campaign for OTP Bank, where contestants could win attractive electronic prizes.

+1 Christmas Card from Media People, Poland

Whishing you Merry Christmas!

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