weCAN is an affiliate network that was founded by strong and successful independent agencies of Central and Eastern Europe in 2010. We are featuring our partners on our blog, this time let our friends at Initiative in Ukraine introduce themselves!

Initiative is a media agency founded in Ukraine in 1999 and is a part of RAZOM GROUP in Ukraine and IPG Mediabrands globally.

Initiative uses the Culture Branding approach. We promote brands based on cultural layers and organically fit them into the context of society by creating campaigns that move our clients’ businesses forward with proven solutions, technological tools, and deep-diving into the brand. With high-precision econometric models, we build an effective media strategy by delivering specific sales, not just coverage.

The effectiveness of our work is confirmed by all-Ukrainian ratings. In 2020, Initiative was named as the Most Effective Media Agency of the Year by the Effie Awards Ukraine, and in 2021 the agency was shortlisted for The Global Best of the Best Effie Awards.

Initiative is one of the TOP 3 agency in Ukraine by billings. Our key clients portfolio:  Unilever, Carlsberg group, Turkish airlines, Porsche, Lego, British American tobacco, METRO, IDS Borjomi Ukraine, etc.


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