Introducing our partners – Café Communications (HU)

weCAN is an affiliate network that was founded by strong and successful independent agencies of Central and Eastern Europe in 2010. We are featuring our partners on our blog, this time let our friends at Café Communications in Hungary introduce themselves!


What was true yesterday is not valid today. What was impossible last year is now essential.
What people liked in the past, bores them today.  We believe that these changes can be harnessed. When handled with understanding and an open attitude, they spark endless opportunities for us and for our clients.

Change inspires us.

It fuels our curiosity, creativity and our commitment to shape this ever changing world by uniting the power of brands and consumers. We want to build a strong bond between our clients and their customers by open, bold and responsible communication solutions.

We’ve never had so many ways to influence people. Data, channels, tools, genres, ideas together create an infinite number of possibilities. How can we capitalize on this ever growing, ever changing abundance of opportunities? By uniting experience, skill, talent and
knowledge of all stakeholders. To make the process simple and transparent, we developed our special, holistic planning tools. It helps us create a special DNA, the core of an intricate, intelligent and efficient system – a unique, living, breathing communication solution for our clients’ business challenges.

The pace and way of change isn’t the same everywhere. As the founder and leader of the weCAN network we have access to a wide knowledge base regarding the current trends
of the region. Together with our partner agencies we cover16 countries from Estonia to Bulgaria and from Slovenia to Russia. We share our experience and understanding of  the culture and insights of local consumers as well as the drivers of key players of these CEE markets.

Our clients from recent years

For our clients, big and small, we run integrated campaigns including strategy, creative, production and media.

Our new corporate identity

Our showreel

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