Little Brother is Worse Than Big Brother


They do not mind receiving advertising online, trust influencers and love Instagram – these are a couple of Gen-Y trends from the Czech Republic, reported by weCAN agency Comtech. 

Looking for Czech Millennials? Go to Instagram

If you are a brand who wants to talk to Millennials (Generation Y) in the Czech Republic, you should consider using Instagram. There are 600,000 monthly – and 400,000 daily – active users, and most of them (49%) consists of younger Millennials (18-24 years old), while the second largest group (32%) is represented by mature Millennials (25-34 years old).

Czech Instagram users revealed their strength during Coca-Cola’s worldwide “Taste the feeling” campaign this January. The brand appointed its Czech influencers wisely, choosing the most popular female YouTuber Teri Blitzen and musician Johny Machette. Teri‘s photo had the most “likes” using the hashtag #TasteTheFeeling worldwide, and second place on the top list was obtained by her as well. Third of the list was some global content by Coca-Cola and fourth: a photo from the Czech Republic again – by Johnny Machette.

Influencers are more effective than PPC

About 20% of Czech Internet users use AdBlock. That places even greater power in the hands of influencers. For example, the CzechTourism agency’s campaign used 9 influencers to induce people to send photos to contest, and they received 3,500 pictures and 20,000 likes. Their agency claims that the cost per photo was three times lower than that of using PPC and display ads.

Younger people are not afraid of Big Brother. They do not care about cookies or personalized ads that follow them through the Internet. Far worse is a younger brother who comments on his sister’s photo about her morning run: “Yeah, and on Saturday you had two cheeseburgers in McDonalds.”

More Snapchat, more freedom

Facebook is the place where Millennials carefully construct their image but have no control over it. Therefore, they are looking for other ways of self-representation with room for mistakes. The perfect solution for them is Snapchat.

Author: Daniela Bednářová, Digital Manager, Comtech

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