OTP Bank Slovakia has a new campaign…


When communicating the interest rate, in most cases the clients can’t decide whether an offer is favourable, as there is a vast overflow of various information and communication on the market. That is why the creative agency 01MarketingHouse presented a new solution to Branding CAN which is the network agency of OTP Bank Slovakia and opted for a different approach regarding the benefits of the product and decided for a different communication rather than only showing the figures of the interest rate.  The TV spot contains a strong emotional dimension bearing the explicit message regarding its benefits and at the same time, the authentic feeling of satisfaction that the customer gets MORE than in any other bank when deciding for the OTP loan.

The television spot was shot in the same theatre location in which the bank communicated its previous campaigns. It is being screened within the network of the JOJ group TV channels and it is supported by online, broadcast and outdoor communication.

„You can feel the enthusiasm of the individual performers and the contagious passion of the director in the main role. In other words, they all live for the theatre. And this enthusiasm is being transferred to the viewers sitting in front of the TV screens. The magic in the whole execution lies in the use of one single word which leads to the point of the whole story. The beauty is in the simplicity,” explains Róbert Varšányi, head of marketing, OTP Bank Slovakia.

After the launch of the television spot, the OTP Bank Slovakia verified its efficiency and whether the idea behind it was well understood by means of a research. Based on the results of the research and the biometric conducted by the 2Muse agency, the packshot and voiceover were adjusted during the first phase of the campaign.

The final idea and spot draft were prepared by the experienced director Jonáš Karásek and the agency Protos production. The team of 01MarketingHouse, which is part of the larger group 01People offering fintech products of global focus, is also a major contributor to the new communication campaign of the OTP Bank Slovakia titled MORE.

And the 01MarketingHouse team offered its client OTP Bank Slovakia even something MORE. They created a unique text for a radio spot into which parts of the song called MORE by the band IMT Smile were incorporated.

Campaign business card:

Agency: 01MarketingHouse – for Branding CAN, the network agency of OTP Bank Slovakia

Production: Protos production

Director: Jonáš Karásek

Photographer: Šymon Kliman

Senior account manager: Zuzana Lacová

Account manager: Simona Fialová

Agency team leader: Martin Kukoľ

Art Director: Peter Pivák

Copywriter: Martin Kukoľ, Kristína Labajová

Social media manager: Kristína Labajová

Client: OTP Bank Slovakia

Head of marketing: Róbert Varšányi

Marketing specialist: Miroslava Juračíková

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