Red Bull Music Academy Weekender Warsaw


Red Bull Music Academy Weekender is a music festival held in different cities around the world including Madrid, Stockholm and Tokyo. The latest musical phenomena, unique collaborations and premiere performances of artists shaping the sound of contemporary music are presented at the festival every year. While carrying out an event being a part of an international format, taking into account local aspects and the uniqueness of the city are very important. For these reasons the elements such as selection of the line-up, space design and the totality of promotional activities must be well thought of. An important feature of Weekender festival is separating it from the headliner formula – of course, the festival has its stars, but they are not comparable with the top names of other international festivals. The stress in on the high artistic quality of performance, which is meant to present what is valuable, and perhaps can be underestimated.

Walk’s task was a comprehensive production of the festival. The agency responsible for inter alia realization of the concert (backline, sound, technical riders), the event’s land management plan, acquiring necessary opinions, permits and approvals, taking care of the artists (hospitality, transfers, dressing rooms) and the conception of comprehensive visual identification of the event, including KV (which had been used in communication and advertising campaigns during editions of 2014-2015).


Red Bull Music Academy Weekender Warsaw is one of the few such large festivals in Poland taking place in the city center. To a large extent this is the reason why its organization can be seen a big challenge. In 2016, during three-day long assembly and four-day long event Walk was supposed to meet deadlines while simultaneously carrying out activities in five locations: the Dramatic Theatre, Studio Theatre, Studio Bar, Parade Square and on the 4th floor of the Palace of Culture and Science. Such a complex undertaking poses a number of challenges and organizational tasks: in any location the zone throughput, proper sounding, lighting and stage design as well as safety needed to be taken care of.

During the whole festival the agency managed to efficiently use all spaces available, including lesser known venues located in the Palace of Culture and Science.
They also developed independent scenographic creations meant for different festival stages.


Walk succeeded in meeting the targets set by the client: selling out the tickets (in 2015), strengthening the relationship between the brand and the most interesting artists from Poland and abroad, positioning Red Bull as the creator of innovative and extraordinary events, and most importantly – winning the hearts of Warsaw’s music scene and music lovers.

This time the event lasted as long as 4 days and featured more than 30 artists appearing on five stages in the Palace of Culture and Science.

More than 30 artists performed on 4 stages of: the Drama Theatre, Studio Theatre, Studio Bar and on the Parade Square.

More than 30 artists appeared on the main, outside stage located on the Parade Square, two inside stages of Studio Theatre and Studio Bar and as well as in two Warsaw clubs.


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