Talents and Their Agents: Influencers and the MCN Partners

The article was originally published in the YouTube chapter of the CANnual Report 2017

YouTube not only opened up opportunities for the spreading and monetization of online video, but it also paved the way for the appearance of new players, service types and business models. The introduction of the so-called Multi-Channel Network (MCN) partners is also in great part due to YouTube. They build their business ventures on the first generations of creative video makers (YouTubers) who can reach the general public. In the best-case scenario, a creative agency can start an influencer marketing project running on YouTube by means of such a YouTube MCN partner.

Creative video makers and artists consider their channel a personal business venture, where they intend to earn an optimal income as a compensation for the time and work invested. From this point of view, for them, videos are products generating income. They have to understand – besides the optimal use of the tools of the platform – this whole process so that they can maximize their income. While producing and sharing content consistently and regularly to keep their audience and increase their minutes watched, video makers also have to pay attention to be marketable not only to viewers, but also to advertisers, ad agencies and potential sponsors by means of their channels and videos.

How Should Your Brand Appear on YouTube?

The answer is simple. With a novel approach. Brands have to manage their channel as a personal “TV channel” where they conduct brand communication – in accordance with relevant content consumption habits – with audiovisual content. In this sense, videos are fundamental parts of content marketing communication that is based on the brand’s objectives and the audience’s demands. Hence, it is important to have a clear conception of the tools and techniques offered by YouTube to assist the realization of creative video content publication and sharing strategies so that they reach their clients and customers.

Brands can learn a lot from the experiences of YouTubers in terms of authentic communication by relevant and original content. However, in the last couple of years, a number of new methods that are based on audiovisual content specifically were introduced within the field of content marketing. I am going to introduce a few of them in details now.

How to structure your programme? Help – Hub – Hero

Google offers three complementary content types that we create in different formats and with different objectives to help elaborate our own programming strategy.

The so-called HYGIENE or HELP content provide viewers with useful and helpful information. Content of such nature are centered around perpetually relevant topics and they are realized as the part of a pull marketing strategy. They can include tutorials, consumer-generated and curated content and CSR videos.

HUB content is published periodically, on a regular and planned basis. Such videos can provide a good reason to viewers to return to the channel. When it comes to HUB content, the precise time of content sharing should be communicated consistently. Product demonstration videos, series, interactive promotional content, “behind the scene” videos, interviews and storytelling videos may belong to this category. HERO content is of key marketing importance and are created a few times a year. In a best-case scenario, they are supported by a well-structured, complete, multiplatform PR and marketing communication strategy and paid media advertisements. The image film of a highlighted campaign, the introduction of a new product or the live broadcast (in 360 degrees) of an event can be considered a HERO content.

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