Introducing our Partners – Pink Moon (HR)

weCAN is an affiliate network that was founded by strong and successful independent agencies of Central and Eastern Europe in 2010. We are featuring our partners on our blog, this time let our friends at Pink Moon in Croatia introduce themselves!


About Pink Moon

Pink moon agency was established in 2017. New on the market, but with strong strategic and creative expertise, Pink moon is an agency which provides creative content for highly efficient campaigns. Pink moon is not typical ad agency. Instead of following the same old model that has been present on Croatian market for years, meaning long procedures and lots of formality, Pink moon acts as an open source creative platform that connects experienced advertising and non-advertising professionals.

What is in it for our clients?

While big agencies on the market are built for billing, Pink moon is built for delivering. We deliver highly efficient brand and communication strategies, insightful creative strategies and world class offline and online creative content. Our design solutions (art direction, brand identity, packaging) are one of the strongest on the market.

Our biggest satisfied clients are:

Qualifications and experience of key personnel

Our team consist of Hrvoje Škurla (Creative Director), Petra Gajica (Chief Creative Strategist), Saša Bastaić (Art Director and Designer), Iva Pemper (Designer), Jure Veraja (Junior Designer), Pavle Gulić (Junior Copywriter), Mirjana Mandić Jovanović (Account Director) and Iva Šegedin (Account Manager). The core team is experienced in all aspects of marketing strategy, creative execution and art direction and is fluent in oral and written communication in English.

Team has been engaged in creative multi-media production for more than 15 years. Following this experience, we have developed strong skills in creation of multi-media products and content for our clients. While Pink moon core team exists only for three years, in such a short period of time major clients from private and public sector have found our approach being the best for their needs.

Smaller core team consist of several experienced A-team players (creative, strategy, art direction and business lead) that know how to take care of all aspects of marketing strategy. Depending on the project and the need of the project, core team is joined by a network of partners that are adding their expertise and bringing added value. We approach every project differently with different set of partners, depending on the business and communication goal that is set up during the strategic planning phase. Thus, we know we are delivering the best solution for the client.


Mechanisms / Tools / Approaches

Our strategic and creative thinking approach provides new and innovative solutions that cover problem identification, insights, strategy statement, creative and brand strategy and messaging.

Tools that we use: Think globally, think locally. To get to the relevant business and human insights we use both local and global resources and we are following up on influential trends and cultural tensions. From local resources we are using access to BrandPuls and MediaPuls, the most relevant database analysis software for category, brand, culture and consumer knowledge and insights on Croatian market. From global resources we use Warc, CMI online, Forrester and Google Analytics.

But this is not where we stop with the deep dive. In order to understand our target consumers, their psychographics, habits and preferences we speak with real people in every project to find the raw truth that cannot be seen from numbers. We are experienced in focus groups and in-depth interviews, through which we immerse in the subject and we track down the people that will help us uncover the truth. That is why we call our approach ‘The insight behind insight’.

Our strategic and creative possibilities cover:

(1) Brand expertise, from brand diagnostics, positioning and creating long term relevance on the market to repositioning solutions. We act as a guardian for already established brands, taking care of their brand values and attributes through all points of contact with the consumers.

(2) Communication strategy, through which we are helping clients to communicate effectively by determining communication goals, messages and optimal budgets.

(3) Creative strategy, bringing the brands in the centre of consumers life, making them see what are the functional and emotional benefits they are gaining by choosing to use the brand in their life. We are firm believers in purpose driven positioning and leading the brands to bring positive impact and change.


Let’s see what it means through the example of our work for HEP Group, OTP Bank, Migraine Association Croatia and Jana Ice Tea:


HEP Group

HEP Group is a leading national energy company for generation, distribution and supply of electrical energy as well as one of the biggest sponsors of Croatian culture. As socially responsible company HEP Group sponsors cultural events and institutions but the public is mostly unaware of HEP Group’s role in the society.

Thus, we launched the campaign under the idea ‘HEP is the proud light of the Croatian culture’. Through simple visual mechanism – strong light that lights on various cultural events and institutions – we positioned HEP Group as the supporter of cultural heritage and sent a message that without support coming from HEP, various cultural events would symbolically stay in the dark.


OTP Bank and Mastercard

In 2019. Mastercard strongly entered OTP bank card portfolio. To communicate that their cards have been replaced with Mastercard but also to ensure new Mastercard users we have created joint campaign “Live by your own rules”.

The insight was simple but effective – credit cards are still being used for large purchases exclusively while small purchases are reserved for cash. In order to change this consumer habit we have created PWG that invited the consumers to pay for their small everyday purchased by credit card and every time they reach purchase number 30 they will qualify for the draw.

The prizes were divided into 4 categories – after filling out the personality questionnaire users were segmented into 4 groups and for each group one prize was suggested. The campaign is currently active but the preliminary results are showing it will be successful.

Migraine Association Croatia

Migraine Croatia Society was established as a first dedicated society that will gather people with migraine. Its mission is to found a place where people with migraine will be able to share their problems and have a sense of community. Also, they wanted to involve public to start speaking about migraine.

To start the conversation, we created billboards with double meaning copies. On the first look they seemed as a love message and soon they became talk of the town. Who is mysterious M. that makes one see the stars? Only later when people indeed started talking we revealed that M. is not a somebody’s love interest but M stands for Migraine.

To accentuate the difference between ordinary headache and migraine, special Instagram profile that showed migraine symptoms was made. It started with ache. But scrolling downwards people were visually falling deeper and deeper in the abyss of migraine symptoms – until they could realize that migraine isn’t just ache, it is illness.

Jana Ice Tea

Jana Ice Tea was launched in 2013. both for HoReCa and retail. Jana Ice Tea is a leader in the category in Croatia and BIH while in Serbia is in TOP3 brands. However, there were significant challenges for the brand – the communication so far was purely functional and thus Jana Ice Tea missed a chance to establish an emotional connection with the consumer. The main competition – Fuze tea – entered aggressively on the market with large budgets and global creative ideas. The refreshing ice tea needed to refresh its brand with new creative platform.

Jana Ice Tea is a natural ice tea. So main question was how to connect this product characteristic with consumers and make it relevant to them? We have realised that when people act by their nature, they are actually relaxed and everything goes easily. Thus, in campaign, we have positioned Jana Ice Tea as relaxation starter with a message – just relax, and things will go well.

The results of the campaign have exceeded expectations: campaign liking was 69%, slogan liking was 79% and most importantly 53% of users bought Jana Ice Tea as the result of the campaign. Finally, the client was so satisfied with the results that the campaign was launched on two additional markets.

For this campaign, we won a Bronze Effie award 2020.


OTPetica is a unique loyalty program that brings fun experience and valuable rewards to its users. The program is free for all OTP clients that use Internet and / or mobile banking service. Through the analysis of existing clients, we have realised that only 45% of them use Internet and 39% of them use mobile banking. It has become evident that OTP bank has a large number of clients who do not use digital services and do not see their benefits. Since the use of Internet or mobile banking is a prerequisite for using OTPetica, we decided to use the loyalty program as an acquisition mechanism through which we can attract new users of digital banking services.

The foundation of the creative strategy was found in the fact that OTPetica is loyalty program that doesn’t require from its users to buy, spend money or do anything – it simply awards them for their everyday routine. Thus, in creative materials we showed personalisation of OTPetica that simply follows you through the day.

In less than a month, OTPetica user base was increased by 9% – taken in consideration that the whole base was filled with user for four years, such increase represents great result.

The number of unique applications in OTPetica was increased by 29% in comparison with previous period – the result has shown that in addition to new users, we have successfully activated existing ones. In addition, 14% more challenges were met, 23% more points were achieved and 16% more prizes were taken. Compared to the previous period, the number of Internet banking users increased by 37%, and mobile users by 28%. Although this is not its primary purpose, OTPetica has proven to be a successful acquisition mechanism in attracting customers to digital banking services.

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